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We love to hear from our customers!

We love to hear from you... even the bad! It doesn't matter whether its through our online contact page, email, phone, or a letter. We take all feedback from our customers seriously.

Feedback gives us the chance to look further into our products and improve the formula or packaging.

Some improvements might not be something we can change straight away, but as equipment/science improves around us we hope to be able to eventually implement some of them.

V.I.P. has been in business since 1951 and our goal has always been to formulate and produce sustainable, plant-based, and environmentally friendly products that are reasonably priced.

We recently receive a letter from a customer regarding Echosilk Shampoo ( A part of the V.I.P. Soap Products Ltd. Family) and we really appreciate the feedback regarding the product. Our goal is to make sure we give our customers the best possible product and experience with V.I.P., so we made sure to respond as soon as possible with as much information... and a replacement product.

We wan't to be as transparent with our customers as we can.


The Echoclean Team

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